Paint Finish of the Month Club: 
It's a cool online club (because ain't nobody got time for another class!)

Do you LOVE to paint and want to learn new techniques?

Are you hoping to start painting for people for an income and need to add to your portfolio?

Do you wish you knew how to paint cabinets and furniture so that your home could look like a professional did it?

Would you like to learn more paint finishes to use in your home or for a client but  just don't have the time for another class?

I get it!

Your time is valuable and ain't nobody got time for that!  

That is why I created a community just for busy diyers and painters like you and me!


Each month you are in this Paint Finish of the Month club you have access to my 20+ paint finishes including my very best selling cabinet finishes, furniture techniques and wall faux.  See all my finish offerings here.

Garage Doors
Furniture Finishes
Cabinet Painting
Faux for Walls

And... drumroll...

You will learn 2 NEW painting techniques by ridiculously talented guest painting instructors each and every month.

Here’s the deal... I have worked hard to bring you THE BEST  OF THE BEST IN THE PAINTING INDUSTRY every month to this Facebook group. 

I have literally formed a gang of talented instructors for you to learn from!

So you'll have access my 20 finishes + each and, every month that you are a member, you'll learn TWO NEW finishes from guest instructors. What is not to love????


It's only $27 per month! 

No contract, month-to-month, cancel anytime

*note membership is billed "every 30 days"

I understand that time is valuable and so having access to national leaders in the painting industry from the comfort of your own home, bed or office cube (I won’t tell your boss) is MAJOR.

Some of you just want to paint a bunch of fun stuff in your house before the holidays so it looks to your mother in law like you had a pro come in.... I get it!

I also know some of you want to be able to start painting more for clients and keep up on the current furniture and cabinet trends. This group is perfect for you!


Also there will be a new guest instructor teaching you new techniques every other week as long as you are an active member.


In December we are learning these two finishes. SIgn up before Dec. 31 to get access to these guest instructor's tutorials.

Every month the instructors' finishes will change. (Go here to see a gallery of what our members have learned in previous months)

I mean seriously.... are those fab or what?

Imagine learning how to paint designer finishes  by watching videos on your phone or pc and then also having access to order the supplies immediately.

Then you're able to paint something in your house or for a client immediately!!!!!!

No waiting for a class in your community. No hunting for the supplies. 

We're making it crazy easy on you, for only $27 per month!

So that’s all 20 of my painting techniques + instruction from 2 rockstar painters every month???

Um, yes please.



Instant Access TODAY to over 20 painting videos
I have 20+ paint finishes for garage doors and furniture and cabinets and walls! These finishes range from farmhouse to glitter &  you can use them immediately in your home or for clients.  These are step-by-step tutorials that you will have access to during your membership.  Grab a cup of coffee and hit play today on those bad boys!  See what those finishes are here.
Supply Lists for each Video
Each of the paint videos also comes with a supply list so you can easily order supplies from the comfort of your jammies as well (seriously, we have done all the hard work and are making this as easy as possible for you.)​​​​ Use the products my instructors suggest, or replace with YOUR favorite paint line. The secrets to the technique is what matters!
Private Facebook Group
You will be added to a private Facebook with me upon joining the community. Watch for the link in your inbox!.
TWO New Painting Videos MONTHLY
The 1st and 3rd Monday of every month you will get a new painting video tutorial from my guest instructors showing you insanely cool new painting techniques like “painting pouring”. Seriously, I just can’t even. These instructors all use different brands, have different style and will be using different colors. Variety is the spice of life. And the key to a great portfolio. You will get access to their tutorials for the time you are an active member, you will NOT have access to previous month's instructors'  finishes. See what our previous instructors have taught us here. You will see just HOW COOL these finisehs are.
Ask Questions!
You are able to ask any paint related questions in the group or about the finishes to get feedback from myself and the monthly guest instructors.

 What this group IS NOT:

This is NOT a business group, this is a painting group.

If you want to talk about the biz part of painting, go HERE.

This is NOT a group promoting any ONE brand or type of paint. 

You will not be sold to or persuaded to use any particular product.

This is just simply a community who loves to paint who are all learning from professionals who have been painting for years and years .

 I think it's worth mentioning that these professionals haven’t slapped a video up on YouTube and are calling themselves a pro after painting one piece of furniture or one kitchen. 

Oh gosh... did I just say that?


I did. With all the love in my heart.

So click below to join.

All the cool kids are doing it.  And I will see you on the inside.​​​​​​

Your Paint Finish of the Month membership is a monthly membership and runs for 30 consecutive days beginning with the date of your registration and is automatically renewed at your sign up rate each month on or around the same business day.